Wedding Ceremony Book

A Wedding Ceremony book is a beautiful way to remember your special day! Even if your wedding will be recorded by video or audio tape, a luxuriously hand-bound book of the text of the wedding in a rich velour (velvet) covering will be a treasured remembrance of you special day.  Everything can be included so that your wedding officiant can use it at the ceremony!

And it's so easy to do!

Just type in - or copy/paste from a word document - your
wedding ceremony text into the e-mail you can send me.

Receipt of your e-mail will be acknowledged,
usually the same day.  A draft of your ceremony will be
returned to you for proofreading in a timely manner.
We can go back and forth via e-mail, refining
the text and headers of your ceremony book
however many times needed.
You must have the ceremony book
exactly the way you want it!

After you have proofed the draft for corrections,
your ceremony book will be printed and hand-bound
and sent to you USPS Priority Mail.

The colors and rich, soft texture of the velour cannot
be duplicated on this web page. If you would like a
sample of each velour covering and a sample page
of text on linen paper, e-mail your request with a
mailing address - a sample packet will be sent
to you the same day.

Price: $80
USPS Priority Mail (and Minnesota sales tax for Minnesota residents) included

You can purchase any books or services I offer
through PayPal.  You do not need to have a
PayPal account; credit cards will be honored.

How to Pay with PayPal
using your credit card.

Choice of Colors & Designs:
endivedesigns.jpg (15124 bytes)

sanddesigns.jpg (18542 bytes)

bluedesigns.jpg (16270 bytes)

weddingbookcover.jpg (251294 bytes)
Endive velour with Hearts & Rings design

bookvows.JPG (439658 bytes)
Sample of an inside page


The ceremony book will be bound in luxurious velour imported from France in your choice of three colors -
> endive (pale light green),
> sand,
> blue
(see right bar above). 
Note: Colors and textures on this page are approximate.

The font on the front cover is elegant
Bernhard Modern.

You can chose from four different designs for your
book (or no design).

The inside book covers will be lined in rich Burgundy valour, also imported from France.

Size is 7½x5½ inches.


Inside Text

The ceremony book can contain all the words spoken at your wedding.

The fonts used inside are:

12 pt Times New Roman for the text;
14 pt Times New Roman Small Caps for Headers.

Additional pages may include:
> your own poem or personal essay of your love or a well known poem,
> a remembrance page of the people involved in your wedding, such as your parents, wedding attendants, ushers, musicians, photographer, and other people.

The pages will be printed on classic linen paper and hand sewn for a long lasting permanent binding.
The inside endpapers are
linen glassine to match
the linen paper.

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